The Magical Envelope Book

Join us on our adventure of Kindness with the magical envelope in this fictional  story.

About The Magical Envelope

Delilah and Nathenial have big hopes in spreading positivity and kindness into the world. The Magical Envelope takes us on a journey around the world to show us that it does not matter what cultural background you come from, where you live, or even if you are an animal or a Magical Envelope. At the end of the day, kindness speaks louder than words. Helping others will not only change someone’s day, but it can also change your own. This fictional short story is ideal for children of all ages. It is an easy tool for parents to teach their little ones that even their small helping hands can make a huge difference in the world. They will be donating 10% of The Magical Envelope's paperback book and hardcover reading book sales to the MSAWI Organization in honor of our brave fallen hero, Major Stuart Adam Wolfer, who will never be forgotten. Nathenial and Delilah are asking you all to help them continue to spread their message. Can we all be kind and help each other? When you help others not only do you create magic for them, but you become Magical. They hope that The Magical Envelope will travel globally spreading kindness. The book includes two envelope crafts inside. We can all create our own Magical Envelope.