The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer (MSAWI) is honored to be a part of The Magical Envelope project. 

About MSAWI (The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute)

Major Stuart Adam Wolfer, was a proud American soldier, who served in the US Army Reserves for 13 years and on active duty, deploying to Kuwait and Iraq.  Major Wolfer believed strongly in supporting the community around him and volunteered with the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides while in Baghdad, Iraq.  In this way, he was helping to develop the next generation of Iraqi leaders.  Tragically, Major Wolfer was killed in action on April 6, 2008 while serving in Iraq.  Major Wolfer was a very special and beloved son, husband, father, brother and friend to many.

MSAWI provides educational programs and opportunities to actively support our Troops and Veterans at schools, community organizations, houses of worship and with families looking to make a difference. 

MSAWI sends its care packages just like the magical letters to troops who are serving far from home.  In most cases, we do not know who will eventually receive the package which makes it even more special.

We are only failing him if we let his message, his love for all people and commitment to change for peace, be silenced with the end of his life.”  JN