About Us

Delilah and Nathenial are twins. They have been enthusiastic about helping others through volunteer work since they were in mommy’s tummy. One day, they came to their mommy and daddy with an idea for a book. The twins thought of a story about a magical envelope traveling around the world doing acts of kindness. They intended to help others understand the importance of being kind and find ways to help as many people as possible. They wanted their book to inspire kindness and contribute to those who give so much. The children wish to donate proceeds from their book to an organization that will help the brave men and women serving in our militaries get their own Magical Envelopes. Delilah and Nathenial will be donating 10% of The Magical Envelope's paperback book and hardcover reading book sales to the MSAWI
Organization in honor of our brave fallen hero, Major Stuart Adam Wolfer, who will never be forgotten. In addition, the children will also continue to work with Rose Pagan from A Hero’s Welcome NNJ. Their goal is to continue creating support packages for our troops, dinners for our veterans, and toys for the holidays for veteran families.

Giving back to others makes me feel happy because it makes the people we are helping happy. It's good to give back to others; everyone can do it too. One of my favorite things to do is donate the toys I don’t need anymore. I also like to help my mom and dad make food packages. I like to help our Military Heroes because making our
Heroes feel happy makes me happy. It's always good to give back! You can make your own Magical Envelope and send it to someone to show them that being kind is nice. When you buy our book, you are helping my brother and I continue to help, too.

Giving back to others is a good and nice thing to do. Giving back makes me happy and makes the people we are helping happy too. Some of my favorite things to do are making sandwiches to help feed the less fortunate and drawing pictures on cards for Our Military or Veterans. I love helping our Military Heroes because they give so much of themselves to protect our Country. Remember always to give back and help others.
When you buy our book, you are helping us give back, too.

They have big hopes in spreading positivity and kindness in the world. The Magical
Envelope takes us on a journey to show us that it does not matter what cultural background you come from, where you live, or even if you are an animal or a magical envelope. An act of kindness speaks louder than words. This fictional short story is ideal for children of all ages, and it is a simple tool for parents to teach their little ones that their small helping hands can make a huge difference in the world. Nathenial and
Delilah are asking you to help them continue to spread their message. Can we all be kind and support one another? When you buy their book or purchase their merchandise, you will have embarked on your own magical journey. Thank you for helping The Magical Envelope travel globally, spreading kindness.